Output 4 - The DEAL Platform

The DEAL Learning Platform makes use of the LEVEL5 learning suite consisting of three interconnected components:

• a learning management system (moodle), which creates an individual learning path with access to different achievable competence levels.

• By using the e-portfolio (Mahara) which can be used as collaborative learning space. It is used to collaboratively design, shape and present the partners pilot projects. At the same time Adult Educators can document personal development and progress and to share it when interested colleagues (only for personal use, to share the experiences gained with or to use personal success in other networks).

• The learning suite is connected to the LEVEL5 validation (in combination with the EQF concept) which facilitates the assessment and documentation of individual development progress

• The whole system is also connected to a mobile learning app and facilitates the delivery of learning proofs like badges or certificates .

To access the DEAL learning platform, please click the picture on the left.

After a short registration you will have access to the DEAL training programme for adult educators and trainers.