Output 2 - The DEAL Competence Inventory

The competence inventory is an open catalogue of competences that are relevant for the professionalisation of Educators. The concept of an inventory implies that it is neither a closed repository nor a compulsory catalogue from which all items have to be selected. Other and more detailed and specialised competences may be described along our taxonomy which is based on the LEVEL5 system. Content wise the DEAL Competence Inventory has been based on the results of a large-scale survey among European stakeholders on the question of which competences are most relevant in regard to digitalisation in Adult Education. “Digitalisation” in Adult Education has two application fields and target groups:

1. The adult learners and their “digital literacy” and the

2. Adult Education Professionals who become “Facilitators of Digital Learning”

18 specific (domain specific and methodological) and 8 generic competences were identified and thoroughly described and operationalised with the help of the LEVEL5 taxonomy.