Output 3 - The DEAL Continuing Professional Development Approach

DEAL developed a CPD based on a blended learning concept that translates the competence framework and the defined fields of action into a training concept for adult educators. It aims to meet all challenges and requirements of Digitalisation and Digital literacy projects carried out in different professional or civil society contexts. We coined the term “Design Based Collaborative Learning” to describe the new holistic teaching and learning approach as a combination of:

– Domain specific skills and knowledge on Digital learning;

– Digitally supported learning instruments that are used fit for purpose;

– Constructive (Design Thinking based) learning with the aim to activate learners to “design a prototype);

– Collaboration: which is also facilitated online.

The CPD approach serves to enable the Adult Educators to apply the DBCL approach in their own organisation and to transfer it to other contexts with other target groups. It is entirely based on innovative educational concepts (“Competence Theory”, taxonomies, didactic patterns etc.) and the European Educational instruments (EQF, ECVET etc.). The modular DEAL CPD programme has been developed based both on the ECVET specification and corresponding also to the LOM specification in order to reach a high transferability both in terms of future “qualifications” and related to the transfer of the modules as OER into different learning platforms.